• Steem Author - Spectrum Economics has an account on Steemit. This account contains hundreds of posts and videos relating to economic concepts and theories. The account also runs several contests each month where participants can win prizes. The Steem platform is an amazing new social media platform that allows both content creators and investors to earn great rewards. Click to read more about it.
  • Development of Economic Models – Spectrum Economics specialises in developing Excel-based models and tools to conduct economic analysis. Basic models will be made available online to download for free
  • Economics Peer Review – Spectrum Economics has experience and capability to peer review any CBA or SIE conducted for projects or programs.
  • Gateway Review - Spectrum Economics participates in Gateway Reviews for various infrastructure projects.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) – Spectrum Economics specialises in CBA for all types of road and transport projects and programs.
  • CBA Workshops – Spectrum Economics conducts a range of CBA workshops for both experienced practitioners and those requiring just basic knowledge to comprehend the outputs of a CBA. Workshops focused on just roads and transport can also be arranged.
  • Economics Training and Education – Spectrum Economics will offer a range of economic presentations to be viewed on YouTube or to a live audience upon request.
  • Economic Research – Spectrum Economics has a current focus on road and transport CBA and social impacts. This will expand to include other areas such as education, health, and agriculture.
  • Social Impact Evaluation (SIE) Workshops – Spectrum Economics conducts SIE workshops for training purposes and for actual projects.
  • Integration of CBA and SIE Workshops – The integration of CBA and SIE is an emerging area. These workshops will explain how CBA and SIE should be used together to improve the quality of information provided to decision-makers.
  • General Economics Presentations – These presentations will cover a range of topics such as social utility, labour economics, behavioural economics and game theory.

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