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The Steem platform is an amazing new social media platform that uses a cryptocurrency Steem as its unit of account. Steemit.com can be considered the main interface for this social media platform. The various applications on Steem allows content creators to write blogs, post videos, live stream videos, post photographs, memes and many more.

This post explains the Steem platform from the perspective of an economist. The post explains the important characteristics of Steem. The post clearly outlines the types of roles and activities that users of the platform can engage in. The post complements this information by adding an economics perspective that highlights the strengths of investing in this platform. The post elaborates on the almost boundless potential and growth of a blockchain based decentralised social media platform. To read the full post click on the link below.

Spectrum Economics Collection of Works (Part 1)

Spectrum Economics Collection of Works (Part 2)

Steem explained by an economist